One object is not rendering in the render?

Hi all, I was working on a scene for the CG Boost challenge “Abandoned Space Station”, and I came across an issue :
When I am in viewport render (cycles), there’s this cylinder selected that we can see… but when I hit render image, this object disappear :confused:

gone in the render image

I’ve checked the basic : no transparency materials, this object is enabled in viewport and render, no problems with the distance…

Do you guys have any clue ? :thinking:

Edit : sorry for the messy lighting, It’s not finished yet :sweat_smile:

What part does the object play in the simulation? There is an option to show or disable the emitter.

Have you tried adding a new object and see if its in render mode?

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Haha :sweat_smile:, thks dude, this was it, I disabled the option to show the emitter, so stupid…
Greatly appreciated your help and answer

Have a GREAT day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Dont worry…

I am quite expierenced but still from time to time this can happen. Did some eyebrows for a character and they looked totally off. Then i remebered the preset for cycles diameter is 1m which totally destroyed the look of it. Was hard to see why it looked like it.

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