One object moving another?

I’m trying to animate a simple scene of a hand picking up a ball and throwing it. I got the movement of the rigged hand grasping the ball down, but when I try to move both objects together I am running into trouble.

What I first tried was just placing LocRot keyframes of both objects together at the starting frame (after the hand closes over the ball), advance 30 frames, grab both objects, move them into their next position and insert another LocRot keyframe, but they don’t seem to be moving at the same rate in the interpolated frames in between.

What ends up happening is that they both make it to their destination at the same time, but they don’t stay “stuck” to each other throughout the motion. The ball lags behind the hand.

I’ve read that the CopyLocation constraint is good for this kind of movement, but everytime I try to use it, it makes the child object immediately snap to the position of the parent object. I don’t see how to make it take into account their initial positions relative to each other and just apply any changes in position.

A little help? I don’t have my blend file with me, but will try and upload it later tonight so you can see what I am talking about.

Click the “offset” button on the copylocation constraint.

Animate the Location constraint’s Inf (Influence) parameter. At Inf = 1, the constrained object’s center will exactly match the target. At Inf = 0, the object will be at its original location.

Okay, I’m retarded for missing that. It works.

However, it doesn’t go back to it’s original position (before I applied the constraint). I can manually move it back, though. Just curious that it jumps around at all.

I will try it with my original hand & ball animation tonight.

Thanks for replying, Asano & CD38!

Worked out great!
I struggled a little bit, but finally figured out the “jumping” I was seeing when turning the contraint on or off (1 or 0) was due to using global space instead of local. Once I figured that out it worked perfectly!!

Thanks again, guys.