One object, multiple armatures?

(Ranstone) #1

I’d like to achieve a simple character creation setup.

What I’m trying so far, is using one armature for the animation, and another for proportions, which can be edited to change height or proportions.

Problem is, while in veiwport mode, everything is fine, as soon as I run the game engine, the object is only deformed by the armature it’s parented to.

I mean, I expected as much, but odd that it worked in veiwport, but not the game…

How should I achieve this? Am I missing something? Am I approaching it the entire wrong way?

Thank you for your time.

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

i tried this too with no success.

could you combine the armatures and just play two animations?

(Ranstone) #3

Nah, one armature can only play one animation… As far as I’m aware.
If I’m wrong, I’d love to know.

(Nicholas_A) #4

you can interpolate multiple animations on a single armature

(Ranstone) #5

Really? How?
Can you show me,/link a tutorial?

(Cotaks) #6

Nah, one armature can only play one animation… As far as I’m aware.

hmm, how do you mean? my armature is always playing 2 or 3 animations at the same time (walking/running, aiming/shooting, head turning). Use the animation layer system.

(Ranstone) #7

I’ve never hear of this at all.
Sounds promising!
Can you show me how,/link a tutorial?

(Cotaks) #8

python animation command:

                    # name, start, end, layer, priority, blendin, mode
                    armature.playAction('aiming_with_'+own['carry_weapon'], 30, 0, 0,  2, 0, 0)

and in the logic brick it’s just called layer, put every animation on a different layer.

here you can see my char walking and grabbing his weapon, 1 armatue 2 actions.

(Daedalus_MDW) #9

as long as each animation is on its own layer and there arent overlapping channels.

(Ranstone) #10

Mkay… Mkay… yeah, ok… hmm…
Gotcha! Thanks… Lemmy try this out.

(Ranstone) #11

Got it! Thanks for your time! I never knew you could do this! Thanks a heap.

(JustinBarrett) #12

This is how I understood it to work…
e.g. animate the lower and upper body with separate animations for walk so later you can animate the upper body for attack…while still walking etc…
at least this is how I assume it works…I just don’t do it because that is a lot of animation and planning :)…and let’s face it…I’m quite old and may not live long enough to see the outcome :slight_smile:

(Liebranca) #13

^you can animate the entire body and then play an action over that where only some bones are animated, e.g.:

AFAIK one’s supposed to give higher priority (lower number) to the overwriting action. I don’t know any documentation that’s crystal clear on all of this, so most likely everyone has their own way of making it work. Me, I give the armature a bunch of different states and just let my evil module pick the correct animation for each state depending on what the context is.