One object seems to be linked (or grouped or parented or something) with another obj

Hey, my problem is that I had a model (of a game controller), and I decided to separate it into two objects (using P) so I could easily animate the two pieces independently.

In my dopesheet they show up as different objects, but adding a keyframe to one of the objects automatically adds the same keyframe to the other object. Deleting one of the keyframes automatically deletes both of them.

I can rotate the objects and it will look correct, but once I add a keyframe and scrub through the frames it snaps the other object to be rotated also.

It’s basically like they are still the same object.

Any help is appreciated!

Excellent! Using your project I stumbled upon fixing the problem. In the outliner (one of the panels on the right) I saw on the windows some feature about linking the animations was enabled. I right clicked it, hit unlink, and it seems to be fixed. Here’s the fixed version.



ConexCntnr fixed.blend (608 KB)

Thank you very much! Did this solve your issue as well?

An explanation: It sounds like you had an animation (an Action) already going on the controller model before splitting it in Edit mode using P. The two objects resulting will share the same Action – it is not automatically duplicated when the parts get separated. So when keyframing one part (which modifies the shared Action) your are in effect keyframing both.

If you want to preserve existing keyframes but create separate Actions for each part, select one of the separated objects, and in the Action Editor, click on the “Make single-user” button – it is next to the Action’s name in the Action Editor and has a numeral in it indicating the number of users the Action has. Clicking it creates a duplicate Action that has only one user, the current active object.

That is probably what happened. For the sliding window that did work I split it then started adding frames to prototype the whole thing and once I got it working I did the same thing on the opposite end.

Yeah! Smooth sailing from here. That problem was bothering me for a long time.

chipmasque, yeah that has to be what happened. thanks for the tip