One object...two armatures...

Well I just recently posted in the composition and rendering section, so basically I’m on a little…"solution to my snag* binge, I have an animation to do, and all that I’m attempting to animate, is a simple beer…or…crappy beer can that is lol, but it’s just a simple animation, so I was wondering, I’ve been stuck with this for quite bit now, I have two armatures parented to the can, so I can create a dancing pose with the can, for the animation, the problem is, when i’ve parented the armature, sure the can moves along with the armature when I grab it…BUT, the snag is, when I attempt to deform the can, say, like it’s bending over, I tried to use two armatures to create a standing joint, basically one main bone is at the bottom, and a secondary bone (head of the can) is a child to the main bone, but when I attempt to pose the can, well I get nada…no deformation to the object(the can) so is there any theories that could be presented here to this problem, as for having a blender file, I’m trying to post it on here but so far I can only give you rendered images, if any theories can be presented, I would appreciate it so much…I might even be so obliged to send maybe an envelope of maui wowie ganja to you personally…maybe heh

I assume you mean one armature with two bones? If not, you’re probably doing it wrong. You shouldn’t have two armatures. Do you have an armature modifier on the mesh? If not, add an armature modifier to the mesh in the modifiers tab with the name of the Armature object.

For something like a can, you can probably just use envelopes to determine the influence of the armature on the mesh:

If you need to use weight painting, you can find out more about that here: