One of a million

Here’s my weekend challenge entry[]_robots.jpg
Rendered with Indigo
what do you think?

He looks like a happy little guy. I could see him starring in a little animation.

Nice perspective and composition on the image itself.

i agree with dreamsgate
i really like this piece because one can really feel the solitiarity (is that even a word?) of the character.

i also like how he has blue eyes when everyone else has like red eyes. nice little touch :wink:

Very cool. The background is excellent for the scene, being nice and simple and not drawing attention away, although I don’t like the glow around him, as it looks like you got a paintbrush in another app and lightened it up, (which is probably what you did :stuck_out_tongue: ). I think some of the robots materials could be improved slightly, but other than that it’s really nice!

Great stuff

I think it looks like he is one in a dozen. Maybe you can use the array modifier and multiply them twice by a thousand (1000*1000). That would make it look like he’s one in a million.

thanks everyone!
MrPerlishells - yea i tried making a whole lot more robots but it was evil to my computer when i started to render…so…yeah…

all too often our computers just can’t match our visions :no:

I like it too, nice, simple concept and great composition. Four stars from me.
Just two things, (1) that hand passing outside the frame, (2) the glow around the lamps look like motion blur (or is it motion blur?).

/ Mats

Hey man great stuff. My eyes hurt from looking into the distant blur though…mayb reduce it a tad little bit?
4 stars.



It was a good excuse this week to duplicate things, nice entry.

Lol. trak wrecka. Three times??! How on earth?

I like this piece but I agree with the too much blur comment as well as well as the, “it’s more like 1 in a dozen” but I understand that the computer was having a heart attack so I’ll let you get away with that one. :wink:

One thing I would do is make the other robots look sad. Or just a straight face. Because I’m not sure what is supposed to be happening.
Is he breaking away from the depressed grumpy pack to find happiness?
Or is everyone high and he’s just gotten a bit lost?

I see you’ve changed his eye colour but it needs more to diversify him from the rest.

hmm…Interesting model I guess, but it looks a bit dorky, awfully simple(modeling and material-wise), and Im seeing some banding issues on his head. The DoF looks messed up somehow, and there isnt much distinction between him and the rest.
I dunno man, not that impressive(And why do you still have hard shadows? Indigo can do softies as well), but perhaps its just me.


Cute little model, nice composition, 4 starred as well :slight_smile:

red byte: lol it was cause blenderartists was slow so i kept on pressing submit.
Sorry anyways.