One of my favorite DOS games as a little boy, released for free by its creator.

I played the heck out of this game, very little known, but really appealed to me as I used to be obsessed with mazes.

Completing all 50 levels is just the first part, each maze has a secret and finding enough of them unlocks hidden levels.

Here’s a video showing the gameplay

I do not know how the game got into the front of my mind as of today (I’m even toying with the idea of making a game heavily inspired by it in Godot 3), but I would say this is one of those gems that few people have ever heard of (didn’t have any bugs for one thing and had some interesting mechanics scattered throughout). The creator himself is on Youtube as well and replied to another video about the game (now if only there was the inspiration to see him update the game to work on Win10 natively).

I also wished for a sequel at the time, but it didn’t happen. Even today, there might be many maze games on the various app. stores, but none of them (in my opinion) can really deliver the same feel as this one.

That’s wonderful! I should give this game a try.