one of my favorite games

thanks I may do that, I made these animations about a year ago.

Call of duty black opps and midnight club L.A remix

like my animations, I enjoy space games, even when i was a kid all those years ago. I like space based scifi movies and tv as well. on any game I play I go by the name Baterax. my first online game was diaspora.

I made this futuristic looking goli, they have several designs in the game but I choose to stick with the more original look and modifided it from there.

Hi wilmaciii, this updated render is looking alot better than your first posts. A couple of things that I think would make it possibly look better are.

  1. It looks too artificial, I think your camera that is viewing the scene could be floating in space to make it feel more like the viewer is there, nothing dramatic, just some slight movement.

  2. Materials, lighting and rendering could be improved. Looks like console game graphics (unless that is the look you want of course). The star shape spacehip looks nice but I think the rest could do with the specularity bumping up.

  3. Some thrusters/trails would be nice.

Looking forward to seeing more.

thanks, and I agree, I want to do some more with it. I may may some music vid with it, but right now my focus is elsewhere, I’ll post my progress as I go along.


haven’t posted in awhile, I have been working a little on this ship and what I’m trying to do is develope a better texture. thoughts on it? for what it’s worth I’m not liking the grid effect at all, but my judgement could be off.

i don’t know the game but i really like the ships =)

the ship above is of my design the one on the first post is a replica of one in game called dark orbit. I love spaceships. it’s what i spend most of my time on when I get a chance to model.

I hope this is a better look at the pick.