One of My First. (Feedback Wanted)

i just started modeling a year ago and am still practicing. but heres my first model n64 loz kokori forest

needs work on shadowing etc. but other than that how is it and what can be done thanks

you can see i’m trying to model a tiny link in the corner…not there yet.

!!! How awesome!
I truly loved this game.

But in order to give appropriate advice; are you going for a more realistic approach, or are you trying to recreate the N64 version with that level of detail?

You sir nailed it! i was thinking the same thing, texture wise for N64 your good!
Looks really good for N64 Graphics, if you existed long before our time you would have created Battle Field 64 or Halo 64 or Even Call Of Duty: Nintendo 64! xP but thats just a theory… Good job.

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks… i wanted some feed back I’m posting more now.