One of my first heads

This is one of my first heads I´ve modelled in blender. What do you think about? C&C are welcome!

How can I just render a wireframe?


hey, not bad allthough i would recomend using reference images becouse the proporians are wrong (i.e mouth too big, cheek bones too puffy yet he has a skinnyish face) and yes you can render a wireframe, in the material buttons hit the button that says wire, allthough if you are posting wires of yuo topology ect i would recomend taking a screenshot (alt+printscreen) and sending that


Like fudge said, the proportions are off, and a wire would be good. Another way to do it is to go into solid edit mode, and click the little scene button, next to the layer buttons, on the 3D window tool bar. It will render whatever is there and then you can save it as a .jpg, .png, or whatever.