One of my first renders

All I was trying to do was create the biohazard sign. I stuck it in a cube so that I could play with the shadows. Not as impressive as most of the things that I’ve seen around here, but I’ll use this as my first post.



Looks great for one of your first renders! Not like mine :(. Maybe make the actual sign a little less transparent so that you can see it a little more clearly. But good job!

I agree, very nice for a first render.

My first render sucked. Kudos to you. if you want to try messing around with the reflection and specularity settings alittle more, make it look like glass or something. if you aren’t intrested in a glass like setting, turn off the transparency.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll tweak the settings a little and see what I get.


Looks really good. Nice first render. Make that sign stick out a little more though, but you can do that by listening to what everyone else said :smiley:

Wow great stuff for one of your first renders :slight_smile:

really coool for a first render!!