😲 One of the MOST POWERFULL addons I ever see in Blender 3.0 | Gardener addon review

Hi everyone! I just made a video covering the new addon by the guys of Bproduction, the gardener addon. It’s a really interesting tool that uses Geometry nodes to scatter assets in the volume of a mesh, creating beautiful bushes and vegetations that are great for archviz, passages projects, and VFX shots.

You guys can see the video reviewing the addon and also I’m showing the final render that I got trying out this tool for the first time.

I’ll try out this tool in other projects, and soon I believe I’ll start to do some live streams on my channel creating those scenes. So, if you’d like to participate in that, subscribe to my channel :wink:

Final result:

Blender viewport:

The gardener addon is not free.
Added commercial tag.


Thanks, sorry about that. Forgot to do that when I did the post.

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