One off car model.

Well normally just modeling a car of your own design turns out horribly in quite a bit of scenarios. Well I decided to take on the task of seeing if I can actually make something that looks different, using only a simple scribble and some imagination.

So here we go, trying to make a appealing one off, off the top of my head car. I am bored at work, so here it goes.

First off the doodle, and a few view port renders of progress so far.

Questions, Comments and Crit. Welcome. :smiley:

Most importantly, Enjoy :wink:

And the doodle.

Okay still roughly shelling out the body. But some progress in the middle of working! haha. So as you can see, its fleshing out more. And after the shell is filled in, I will then start dismantling it panel by panel, and then start with the detailing. Should be fun. Also I threw in the ortho toy looking view for all of you who like ortho :wink:


Small update before I leave work.