One or the other Animation or Video - not both?

Being new to Blender I assuming this is a simple setting I just don’t know about yet.

I have a video playing just fine on a plane in the background in my screen when press “P”
(using Logic/Properties = string Name:material, string:movie and Controllers Python/, but the animation I setup in Animation window stops.

When push the Play button in the Animation window the animation plays fine but the video is stopped. What am I missing to have “P” do both at the same time?

Also it would be great it someone could point me to a good way to have full control over video and animation playback - Start, Stop, Goto frame #, Play Speed, etc. for both.


Sorry, I meant for this to > Game Engine Support and Discussion


have you set up logic bricks to play your animation?

probably not, I’m new to Blender. I take it’s just like I did when setting up the video in the Logic window.

I’ll look around, Thanks.