One Photo - Multiple Cubes

I have about 25 cubes, that are seperate object, line up to make a bigger cube. I want to set one JPG as one big picture across them all. I can do this easy if they where one object, but I’m useing the ‘Logic’ Panel to make all the boxes fall and split apart. So I, as far as I know, need them as seperate objects.

I’m currently useing the ‘Object’ setting under ‘Map Input’ but when the cubes brake apart the picture doesn’t follow there movement.

Any help on setting one picture across multiple Cubes would be grate. My guess is that I have to use UV Faces. But I have not work with UV Faces in Blender very much and can’t seems to get the effect I want with it.




I took me a little while to figure out sticky coordinates. But I learn alot doing it and completed my goal.