One Piece

I didn’t know where else to put this but…

What if One piece was an MMO

Play as Marine or Pirates.

As you gain level as a Marine your rank will increase.
Private- Corperal- Sargent- and so on

As you gain level as a Pirate your bounty will increase too.

4 starting points. One in each blue.
Grandline for high level characterss.
Travel to exotic and new places.

Interact with thousands of players.

Devil Fruits can be random “rare” event that can be found anywhere, but seldom occurs. And even if you find one, you need to do something to get it, like fighting a sea king or some other monster. You can choose to eat it or sell it for beli, just like in One Piece.

All of the islands in one piece would be in such as sky island, kingdom of drum, Arabasta, etc.

Your bounty will increase by defeating other pirates and ranks will increase by capturing or defeating pirates

build your own crew or join one

I want opinions, new ideas, and help

You need to get experienced, no one is gonna make a game for you, for making a MMORPG it takes around 2 years, or 1, depending on how much time you spend on the computer…

I respect you for not misspelling things or get angry at people telling them to start small like “mee n00b u all r suckers dont wabba make game 4 me bye sukers”.
You just need to check out threads such as “gta silent” to see what I’m talking about.

This isn’t “the easy game builder for any kid without programming and built in”. You need to learn BGE python, a pretty easy scripting language.
You either will need to use as FEW logic bricks as possible. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google, or, you may need to know to model, rig, texture, and animate. If you’d know both, even better.

Good luck.

Ask Bandai, they have the license for the series.

Another “I wanna make an MMO” thread.

A project like that is just too big for someone who’s a complete beginner at the BGE.

Comon, man, don’t flame him. He didn’t say, “Ima gunna makez me am h00ge m0rrgp and gfunna shoot and s[ace commsder., l0lsz yo g3tz m3?” He is sort of the in between here… between the awesome imitation I did and having concept art and other things to prove that you are capable of making the game. Put into waaay simpler terms, he has good English.

Actually this is quite interesting, because this is his first post no one can be sure about his skill level so I shall ask.

What are you skills when it comes to games?
Have you made 2D or 3D games before?
Can you program?
Have you worked with 3D applications before?
Have you worked with servers before?

Your idea sounds like a good game but one thing you have to remember, and a lot of people forget this, not everyone will play a game made by someone they’ve never heard of and if they do they may not even play it to the half way mark. Just be careful how much time you invest in this.

I’m new to blender and I only know the basic overview of the GE and IPO curves and stuff like that so i know i would need more experience. I just wanted to know what you guys thought of the basic idea of the game.

I know a bit about servers, because I’m a contractor at WADL which none of you have probably heard of unless you live in MI. I won’t be able to put as much time in it as I could because I’m a student and I have to work every weekend. I’ll try and put some of my projects on here once i figure out how. I know how to model, rig, and sort of know how to texture btw.

Well if you know about servers and sockets than you know the hardest stuff already.

I think the idea is pretty good, I used to watch one piece, good show.
I like the idea of only two classes, but the ranking system for the marines might not work as a pirates bounty can go on forever but the rank will eventually stop.

True… I didn’t even think about that
If their rank increased by number after the highest rank then it would be like (title)#1 as being highest ranked on the server or (title)#2 for second highest in the server and it all depends on the collective bounty of pirates that specific marine collects.

Oh… i just remembered something. How would the obtaining of ships happen. Would I make it so that pirates have to gather materials and build it themselves or make it so that they can just buy ships from a sales man. Mmm… I don’t really know.


A One-Piece MMORPG-er would be freaking awesome if well done.

That being said, it would be nearly impossible to do right. the physics would have to be at least as complicated as the new Force Unleashed game, and from what I’ve heard even that is as buggy as all heck. Suppose you could simplify things a bit, but that would take away. Even still, it would be nice if done right.

Keep in mind that due to legal problems we do not allow fan games to be discussed here. If you did create such a game, you would not be able to talk about it (although you could still use the Support forum to ask questions).