One plane. One shader. 100% procedual landscape

Hello dear Blender-friends,

the past days i have been experimenting with procedural microdisplacement. My goal was to create a credible landscape based on a simple plane and a single shader.

This is my result:




As i said, i only use a single shader on a plane. No particle systems. No pixel textures. No manual influence.

Thans for your interest.

All the best

considering that i currently don’t have the time to simplify the shader, i decided to share the whole project file with you. feel free to use the shader in your projects as you like. i am looking forward to your feedback and your first renderings.

mountain-shader by heikosch.blend (948.6 KB)

have a good time


Dag, yo… that’s some pretty cool coolness you got going there.


It look like a great photo!!!

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How dense is the plane?
I mean how many vertex you have on the plane fro such detail displacement?

Thank you, Bao. To generate the necessary density, i use adaptive subdividing at a dicing scale of 0.5.

That’s about the best I’ve seen. That it’s procedural is insane.

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Would you be willing to share the Blend, or a high resolution shot of the nodes?


yes, i plan to make the project freely available. but first i want to prepare the shader so that even beginners can create their own mountains using just a few parameters.


Nice, that would be awesome!

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Really nice, increase a little bit more the aerial perspective and it will be even better

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Dude! This is stunning! I can’t wait to see the blend and have a play with it.

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Fantastic work!

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hey guys, you can find the download-link above in the project description : )

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great work

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thank you! : )