One Ring To Rule Them All

YEAH! Finally managed to force my lazy self to do the scene I had in head for so long! Turned out quite well I think O:-) What do you think??
Software: Blender 2.72b

Very cool! my only thought is the camera position kind of annoys me, I’d like to be able to see the entire ring without the bottom bit being cut off, otherwise fantastic job!

A bit too glossy. You should throw a roughness map on there to suggest slight skin oil buildup.

Thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile: Actually I was wondering about whether that camera position would annoy anyone, but it felt somewhat cool anyway so I decided to leave it that way… Though I will try it

What do you mean glossy? Gold ring from LOTR was flawless, so I didn’t add any roughness texture on it as well. And for the map - well I don’t know - I don’t think it’s glossy… :slight_smile:

How about this one? :slight_smile:

Yeah the new camera position is much better. I just wonder how it would look, if the light source would shine from right side instead of left.

I guess that’d just break the scene a bit, because you as you can see almost everything (shadows, visual shape of the ring…) is pointing right-upwards… But I might try it :slight_smile:

Very nice! The second image is much better BTW. :slight_smile:

superb , really like it.

THANK YOU! :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

Excellent work! I agree that the second image is much better.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I love the feel of it. I always love when an image or movie has a distinct color the you find popping up all over the place. My main problem with the image is the camera angle. It’s a bit disorienting because it looks like the ring is stuck onto a wall. You might want to move it so that it looks like it’s on a table instead. Otherwise, it’s really good! probably one of my favourite images to have the subject be The Ring.

Very beautiful work and nice ring. Good job :slight_smile:

Thank you for your review!
I set the camera this way, because I wanted my scene to look a bit dramatic, to bring some life and action to it… Not just an ordinary golden ring from the LOTR laying on the map, table… Guess that’d be a bit cliche :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway!

Thank you!! :slight_smile: