One rock not texturing

Hi~ I’ve been trying to create some kind of basic landscape but when I tried to apply a texture to the rocks , all of them textured properly except for one on the right, and I can’t seem to find what causes this. Hopefully someone knows what’s going on here~ Thank you in advance~ (Please don’t pay attention to the quality, i’m new :sweat_smile:)

Are the models UV unwrapped or are you just projecting an image texture with box mapping?
Is the same material applied to the rock?
Are all the faces pointing out?
ETA. Is object scale at 1? Apply scale and it should display the same.

The models are not UV unwrapped, I’m just projecting. I tried to unwrap this one but it stayed the same.
All the rocks have the same material, and I just checked for the faces, it’s good. I also checked the scale because I didn’t and it’s properly set… I might just redo a rock… But it’s a bit disappointing, I liked this one :upside_down_face: