One Scene, Two Render Layers

I still can’t get my arms wrapped around 2.8 render layers.

Therefore once more my question; Say I have a simple scene with a floor and a cube and I want the cube on the first render layer and the floor with the cube’s shadow on the second to combine them together within the compositor? How does the setup in the outliner has to look like to achieve this.

Please help me out with the file below:

rl.blend (648.5 KB)

Many thanks!

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like this?
rl_fix.blend (681.9 KB)

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Thats indeed what I was looking for. I see I have to set some ristriction levels visible. But there also have to be 2 view layers if I see correct?

Can you please describe it step by step if its not to much trouble?

I added sceenshot to previous post, is it ok?

To be honest not really. A step by step guide would be so nice. or a recording with OBS perhaps? That would help a lot.

better? ( my first screencast :slight_smile: , sorry if quality is not perfect)

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its perfect, ty very much!

my pleasure, i learned something about OBS :wink:

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