One side of face invisible

Hey all, new arrival to the site and I’ve been doing the tutorials - fantastic stuff. While doing a modelling tutorial I ran into a weird situation where I extruded a shape and one side of the resultant faces were invisible. That may sound confusing so I’ll try to show you screenshots.

Here is the extruded shape from the front. As you can see, there are no visible faces (you can see straight through to the background image).

Here, I just rotated the view around to the back of the shape. As you can see, the faces are now visible. All I did was rotate the view.

This is probably a stupid simple thing but I’ve been troubleshooting for a bit now. I tried restarting Blender. I tried deleting the new vertices and re-extruding, same thing happened. If anybody knows how to handle it, it would be tremendously appreciated.

P.S. I apparently also don’t know how to share screenshots without making them ginormous. Sorry. It works on my gaming forums :evilgrin:


Welcome to the forum.

Yes it is, but it happens to every one: The normals of the faces point into the wrong direction. That’s why they seem invisible in the front view and are visible from the side, as the faces are not exactly perpendicular to the front view. Change to edit mode, select all faces (Ctrl+A) and hit Ctrl+N to invert the normals, that should do the job. If not check the inverse check box on the tool shelf (Ctrl+T to bring it up)


Thanks, that was it!