One side of the arm works but the other doesnt

I’m trying to create 2 arms and rig them for a game and one of the arms work(both are in the same mesh) but the other when rotated works fine but when i rotate the 2nd bone the first bone doesn’t stick to the mesh but when i move the 1st one it does. Its hard to explain so i will show you.!

Thanks. :smiley:

Hello, please share your file:

Here you go, I’m quite new to rigging started a week ago. Sorry for being 3 hrs late I had school.

if you select your armature, then shift select the mesh, then switch to Weight Paint mode, you can see what are the weights for first and second bones of the right arm, they are correct:



but for the left arm they are bad, bones influence parts of the mesh that they are not supposed to:



so you need to correct this with a brush in Blend > Mix and Subtact modes (in the N panel):

I did see weight painting and tried it but didn’t know what it does, thanks for the help.

Oh also don’t forget to recalculate the normals of your mesh. If you ever meet a difficulty please ask :wink:

It’s not letting me select the bones.

Select the armature first, then shift select the mesh, then switch to Weight Paint mode

Every bone is blue which it shouldn’t be right? When I select another bone it has the same weight I just painted.

it should look like the screenshots I showed above

It doesn’t, the bones aren’t showing the actual weight. I can select the bones tho.

please show some screenshots or even a video, it’s hard to tell what you’re doing wrong

give me a second. My computer closed give me a minute or two

maybe you’ve enabled the Face Orientation option and forgotten to disable it?

I can’t upload it just send me the file or a video on how you did it.

here it is, I hope it helps:


How do you select the bones in the viewport?

Ctrl left click by default I think