One simple chess game

im a fan of chess and imberesed to ask this because ive used blender for a long time and do a bit of python myself i have 32 chess pieses and i want a cursor to move over a chess piece and be able to pick it up when u press space and the drop it agine when u press space agine but without making all the objects have pyhical constraints
p.s i would like to be done by the end of the day

The first thing that comes to mind is an invisible “tray” the picks up the piece from below, then drops it by lowering itself back down.

ya tryed that but with 32 pieses i got some not so good frame rates
i did think of sonthind though ill let u no how it goes

o forget it ill just do that its faster thanks

I think a setPosition() script is in order.

If you know python, then it should be fairly simple. Use mouse sensors to detect when player clicks on peice the first time, and getPosition(), then detect which square to setPosition().