one tablet/two PCs

Does anyone know if I can use one tablet to control two PCs each with its own monitor (has to be two PCs and two monitors, not one system and dual monitors)? The pointers on the two monitors have to move and behave exactly the same, again, using just the one tablet to control this through the two PCs.
I have been told that the uSB split to two PCs cannot work. I have been told a tablet split to the serial ports of two PCs won’t work. I have been told that one VersaPad (a small touchpad-like thingy that uses a scribe pen) can’t be split to the PS/2 of two systems.
What about a plain old mouse? Can the wire from a mouse be split to control two PCs?
Please verify or correct the responses that I got above about tablets, and about a plain old mouse. This will be with Blender and other 3D apps.

let me get this straight, so you want a single input device (keybaord/mouse) to control 2 seperate PC? I don’t think it can be done, even with splitters. Plus, unless the two computer are IDENTICAL, you’ll probably run into some sort of mouse-drifting after a while where the two mouse won’t be synchronized on the screens.

Even it could, I am curious as to what you are trying to do.(you said you don’t want dualscreen)