One Thousand and One Nights

I didn’t make any finished creation since my summer holiday. But monday, I saw a photo and I decided to start à new image. Even if Blender curves are not very powerfull for modelisation, you can make good things by playing with some parameters.

Nice work!
i really like the lighting of the scene.
i think the figure in the middle could
use some work, but otherwise, great job!

great job! the only crit i’ve got is the guy’s clothing, it could use some texturing.

Beautiful! Lighting is awesome, composition too but like lundstrom said, clothes could use a little more texture.

Thank’s for coments… I made the character very quickly because of studies reasons so I expected people wouldn’t see the fact he wasn’t textured ;). Congratulation, you saw it ^^…

Make it silk (like red or someting), thats what rich ppl were wearing back then.(if its a rich person)…if its a girl who was telling the story to the king (i think she was one of the pure) make it yello-brownish normal material or something)
Also that can be only me, but…make your material on the head closer to the sholders.
Good work for a quick rendering, but with a little bit more work it can be a better one :stuck_out_tongue: