One UV Map with diferent material properties

Hey guys!

I’m practicing with the UV Mapping thanks to some videos and help from others and i have one final doubt about the process.

Since i see that i’m going to need more than one UV Map for all the scene, do i have to classify the objects that will have the same texture properties? I mean for example separate wood in one UV Map and metal into another?

Or is it possible to apply different propierties to textures that are in the same UV Map?

Thanks in advance!

You don’t need to separate Wood into one UV Map and Metal into another. You can if you so desire, for organizing or what, but yes, you can apply different material properties to the same UV map.

One way is to have separate Materials for each UV texture if you want to have different properties for each.
For example

  • a “Wood” Material, that has the right material properties for Wood, is applied to all the mesh faces that are wood.
  • a “Metal” Material, yadda yadda, is applied to all the mesh faces that are metal.
  • They can both use the same UV map and image.

(That only works if the metal and wood are “separable” aka different polygon faces. You can mask textures out separately but I don’t know if that can be done for materials as well (at least for Blender Internal). It can be done in Cycles via nodes.)

For cycles, you just have one material for the whole object, and then use different “shaders”.

That is an example of it being done for an “Earth Model” in cycles. The color is both land and water texture, the mask is a mask of the Landmass. The diffuse and glossy shaders are just placeholders, you can put any number of desired shaders in there to get the right effect.

Oh, by the way… if you’re using multiple UV’s on the same object in Cycles, instead of using the Texture Coordinate node, you’d add an “Attribute” node, and type in the name of the UVmap, and then hook that into the vector of the images instead.