one winged man

this is kind of my first finished project I’v being doing 3d for the last six month or so…wathever and i’m kinda really proud of it LOL :yes:just wanna hear what other people think about it thanks!!!

Verry nice! Altho I don’t think the vein should be that thick at the edge of the wings. Keep up the good work!

SIX MONTHS…i am learning 3d since 10 months and still i cant even make that face the only thing i have learned is maps modelling and the way its great for six months old blenderer one star

Maybe I’m not getting the irony here, but he does, in fact, have two wings… Other than that, I have to say I love the coloration and the wings.

I was going to say that thing about the one wing too, and it is nice otherwise :slight_smile: