One year game development

Hi there!
Working on my personal game project and decided to share my progress here. In the game you have to fight against the fast-food products.
I’ve been working on the prototype of the game in Unity since last summer, and it’s time to work on the visual part of the game. I started using blender about 2 months ago and can’t find words how I like it. The blender helped me a lot. All concepts are made in blender.
Below I will share process of work.

Industrial level design

Natural level design

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Prepared models for Unity in blender. Made retopology and normal map

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The prototype has a control system, AI enemies, and the basic functions of the game. After I’m done the concepts art, I’ll start bringing new models into the game. Below is a preview of the prototype game.

Fight with enemies

Stunning attack

Set up the reaction of the environment to strong attacks.

This preview made in Unity.

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Wow, It’s amazing to work. It’s so attractive. Asset and color using are beautiful. One thing I have an uncomfortable feeling about the health line. Maybe it’s my thing. Good luck

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