One year with Blender

Hi. Recently I created interior scene. Around one year ago I started learning blender. Thanks to you, the community and to all blender tutorial authors around the web!

Credits to:

krabz for lamp
elhzar for chest of drawers and cabinet
deathexpress for leather couch
Andrew Price for coffee table and the painting
textures from
hdr background from

Experimenting with the image, I encountered interesting results:

Thank you all. Comments&Critique are appreciated.

You can move the rug over to the center. I’m not sure why the painting is at the left when it should be at the center. You can also increase the size of the TV. I’m sure if you viewed it from a different angle,it would look better. Overall,I think it’s pretty good!

I will experiment more with the objects. I am just afraid that if I move everything towards center, the sides will look too empty. However I’ll try. Thanks for the comment.