Heres my latest work.One of my character designs as a toy.
Was hoping to get a better result than this, but I need to move on to my next work, may still tweak it though.
The colours will look vastly different depending on your monitor.
THis was render on my PC laptop and taken over to my Mac for a little post pro where it looked entirely different on screen

You’ll need to scroll to see it all by the way.>>>>>

cheers for looking

Nice, thats a good little texture on those dolls. looks just like plush. Though the one in the box wouldve benifited from a little more light.
Good job, overall

Wow, yes, that looks just like plush or short fur, how’d you do that?

Heres the settings used to make the fur effects,though you need a buff shadow spot as well, with a very soft setting.

hope these help

yeaah, ive been screwing with that effect a lot lately. like fake tangents(anisotropic) shaders

I find the composition a little confusing, however a different camera angle might spruce it up!

Ohhh. I see. Hey, that’s impressive there.

Heres another version shrunk to fit this screen and from a slightly different angle.
This might work better on a PC, it looks oversaturated on my Mac monitor but fine on my PC laptop, while the inverse is true of the first image.
This may be though because my Mac monitor is adjusted to suit my printer, rather than any major difference between computers, though I’m not sure about this.
Can anyone enlighten me.

The pic looks fine to me, and much better than the first

Last image is a great improvement! Maybe edit the first post to have that in it instead? (and
just link to the old version)


i like the wood texture, it has an interesting style to it :smiley:

I like how you gave the wood just a little bit of raymir. Very nice technique for faking the frabric.

I would move the spotlight a little so it doesn’t show the edges in the picture (only shows in second).
Other than that, beutiful render, nice one!

Excellent job, although on the wood there has an odd reflection coming off it that gives it a goldish hue in the corners of where the light hits it. You might want to try and correct that. Even if you didn’t the idea and shot are fantastic.
Funny thing is I could see those becoming real toys. (why not…) In that case you’ve already got a lot of the commerical and PR part done! Hahhaha
Great Job!


Ps.: One other thing, you might have to lessen the shadows strength (i think that is the term) on the blue toy. Under it is like a black void, would be more realistic if you still got a bit of the wood texture.

The plush material you have is quite good. Great render!

Thanks for the comments.

I think I will be reworking this image/concept as I’m not happy with the results yet, as I believe they could be far nore realistic, and the lighting and transparent material on the boxes, just isn’t right yet.