Ongoing Modelling work - structural and/or plant/world objects - mid-low poly

UPDATE: Thanks so much for all of your awesome replies, Got buried this last week but going to review replies ASAP. Thanks Again! (2/23/19)

Building a game world (Unity). Have a blender artist, but usually B work, looking to redo some assets into ‘A’ quality. These are usually world objects or building exteriors. I.e. ( an Apple tree or an Adobe Style Shop)

We are a small team of 2 coders and a few other consultants, Game is near Beta.

Really looking for someone with inherent artistic skill, I.e. Can make a simple thing just look artsy and polished.
Someone who understands lower poly actually takes more skill than just fewer faces.
We do have some minor technical requirements for custom shaders, but they aren’t too bad. (Very Little texture/UV work) most of the work is modelling.

Style wise Artistic / lower poly / slight cartoon modelling.

please share resume or portfolio showing some examples of work.

We can do hourly $10-$30usd /hr depending on your production rate and quality.
if the fit is good, could be hundreds of hours of work over a flexible time frame.


Existing Screenshot of some of the artsy lower poly style we are after.
We refer to the style as “Painterly”


I’m interested, my portfolio is more hard-surface oriented in high poly, but I’ve done some services for low poly. If you are interested, please contact us. Thank you

email: [email protected]

Hello Joe! I don’t exactly have a large or complete 3D art portfolio yet, but I think I’ve made something in a style similar to what you’re looking for.

(I think it’d need some adjustments to better match the Low Poly style you’re after, of course. d^^)

You can PM me here or send an email to: tracialisa at gmail.
(I don’t have a public facing email yet lol…)

If you’d still like to see my portfolio it’s up on ArtStation. I’m an illustrator/design student slowly making a transition to 3D, so it’s just 2D work.

Hey Joe!

I normally do hard surface/realistic work, but I’m sure we could work together to make exactly what you’re after!

You see my portfolio here: Artstation

As an added advantage, because the Aussie $ is so low compared to the USD, it’ll work out cheaper for you :wink:

Best way to contact me would be at toxicsludge77 [at]

By the way, do you have a website to learn more about your game? I’d love to check it out :slight_smile:

Hey Jor,

I sent you a PM

Here is my email address: [email protected]

And here is my artstation profile:

Best regards,


Here’s my website:

And my Artstation with some additional pieces of work:

You can also get in contact with me via email here: [email protected]

Hello Joe.
I am very interested in this project and would like to know a little more about the game.
If you can tell me more details of the project and technical parts.
In my portfolio has models in high and lowpoly.

Any questions, I am available.
email: [email protected]

Best regards
Danilo Castro

Hello I thought your project just sounds like it will be interesting. And so I decided to put my lot in this also, though I know I am a bit late.
Here is a kitchen I am working on that is a bit stylized:
and a character as well:
and this is my portfolio as of now, though a continuous work in progress:
Thank you and good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

Hi, i like thia work and i made something similar for a tv serie, i have experience working in low and high poly modeling and texturing, and work really fast too, please check out my portfolio here