Ongoing project, abstract Commercial Beauty product shots

Hi all!

First upload. I’m starting a series of surreal beauty product compositions, and here’s the first one.

I have one very specific question. To get the shadow of the bottle on the table more accurate, i had to first render it (all in cycles) as the glass object you see, then change the material to transparent using the alpha channel of my UV layer (the text) to make everything except the “Pior” 100% transparent so that it would cast it’s own shadow, along with the shadow of the polish still in the bottle.

Is there a way to devise the glass material so that it only partially casts a shadow, and opaque surface features and objects “inside” it cast their own, more dense, shadows?

Just wondering, the approach I took was pretty straightforward.

I’m also aware of the biggest problem with this render, the slight seperation between the puddle of nail polish and the tabletop on the right. Though, right now it’s masquerading as a shadow to the casual observer.

Any other bits that jump out as not-quite-there?

Any and all feedback appreciated. Thanks!

Another pouring, viscous liquid test in preparation for more complex compositions to come. No bottle in view this time, but I was really just focusing on pouring a thick liquid onto a non-flat surface in a realistic way.I’m not super thrilled with the texturing on the concrete cube, and the paper texture in the BG is a little low-res for my taste. But those are just secondary details to the goal of the piece.

This is looking good, unfortunately I couldn’t help with the question in the first post. Do you do this for work, or pleasure?

Thanks! I am a photographer by trade, this is just my latest foray into rounding out my creative skill set.

I could very well create these shots in reality on a photo set, but the setup, styling, and teardown aren’t something i can do at the drop of a hat. Modeling, however, is clean and creative and doesn’t require much square footage.