Ongoing scaling & exporting problems....

Hi I’m a beginner and I’ve got some problems with scaling.

I’ve been doing a few tests with exporting stl files (for later 3D printing) and things haven’t been going well so I decided to just use the blender standard cube and see what happened. This is of course 2m x 2m x2m but When I exported it and opened the .stl file (in two other programs) it was 100 times too small: 2mm x 2mm x 2mm. Can anyone shed light on what might be going on or what I might be doing wrong. Thanks !

Just to tie this off…

The answer I needed was (as shown in the link given above)… to click the scene icon and then select metric units and to select the scale multiplier there and set it to 0.001.

Shown in this tutorial very well:

When you go to export the stl there is another scale option box on the left set to 1 as default - Do you just leave this as it is ? …presuming your scene scale is set to 0.001 and transform scale are all 1…

Yes then export scale must be 1.
When you have small object to model for 3d printing, sometimes its easy way to set Units scale to 0.001 because it allows you directly to use millimeters. Select vertice and grab, GX1.1 = 1.1 mm.

Thanks JuhaW… I had sent a file to print, at first every thing was set to 1 so even thought the dimension read x 9cm y 3.2cm z 15cm the printers software translated the measurement into meters… I have resent the file with the scene scale at 0.001 and the transform scales to 1 (dimensions read the same) so I’m hoping all will be ok. Fingers Crossed!