Online 3D School referral


Looking for an online 3D animation and modeling school that is accredited. I really find it hard to determine which one is really right for me. Is there any schools you can refer?

thank you,

Michael Cote’

In terms of animation and specifically animation… iAnimate, AnimationMentor are two i have been too and will get you going in the right direction… others i know are pretty good are animschool and animation collaborative

I haven’t gone to any 3D-related school at all but it will be easier for everyone to give you advice if you tell us where you are based :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or in case you meant an online school/course you should check out this course a friend of mine made.

I have two friends who after graduation went to AnimationMentor and only stated that it was a waste of money with arrogant and scarse feedback tutors.