Online BGE Game

So, I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an online bge addon. Basically what I want is an online multiplayer game. I have come across a few items that are supposed to do that, but you have to like know how to install it yourself. Even those with instructions are beyond me! I either need someone to tell me about a good online addon and give me some instructions (please make them fairly easy to read), or just create a game with the addon and give me the .blend file. Or at least something along those lines. Thanks!

This link might be useful. I have used it to make a LAN game. Though it was buggy, I was probably implementing it wrong. Easy Online addon

I think you need to realise how complex multiplayer games are. There is no “addon” that will work out of the box and make you a perfect multiplayer game. It depends entirely on the type of game you have, the data you need to send / receive on the client + send / receive / verify on the server. This already leaves out basic things like match making, firewall /disconnecting issues, initiating connections, basic server setup and packet processing.

On top of this you have the upfront cost of using server bandwidth. This is why LAN works so well because it runs on the internal network in your house, there is not many real-world complications that would otherwise get in the way.

Again, there is no perfect solution. You can hire someone to get one custom built, but otherwise if you want to deal with multiplayer, you will need to understand 100% of what you are doing.

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Can you please give me a link or something to figure out how to use it? I got the addon and installed it, but do not know how to use it. Thanks! Oh, sorry I took so long to reply! Just realized it’s been 20 days!! :persevere:

Sorry, I’m not very good at networking anything. That’s why I was glad when I found this addon. Unfortunately, the only tutorial I know of for this are the .blends provided with the addon. If you need help with that, I can certainly try to help more.

That would be GREAT!! Thanks millions for everything SO FAR!! Even though I do not know how to use the addon, I was able to install it. This is farther along than I have ever been with an online game!! Thanks!