online blender game

me and my friends was going to make a game and we wanted to know is there a way it can be online?

  1. Online, like you can play you with / against your friends? Yes, it’s possible.
  2. Online, like you can put the game up online to play in a web browser? Yes, that, too, is possible.

so we can make it that people around the world can play?

Yeah, that’s possible. You’ll have to have a lot of servers, preferably in different places depending on where the player is who connects to the game.

so how do we make it online?

No offense, but if you can’t answer that question, then you should probably not try to make a world wide, online game (I assume an MMORPG). It’s pretty complicated.

i want the same thing, can anyone help?

If you don’t know Python, learn it. If you do, look at OldJim’s networking tutorial (I’ve heard that’s useful). In addition, agoose77’s Networking component posted above is useful, I’m sure. I would have probably used it by now, but I haven’t had a need to make an online game yet.