online business question

hay guys I just have a simple question, and I want to see the answer of the community about it, so I want to start, or you can say I’ve started an online business, it’s all about designs ,models and video editing, and for what I see most customers, only talk about paying via PayPal, for some reason, I can’t work with, PayPal, because of some political problems, but some people directed me to western union, as a 2nd way for payment, so my question is, is it good to use it as a way of payment, ? and will people except it

It seems to me that you should ask other local-to-you online merchants about this question. What are their experiences, and what did they do?

Also – what does Western Union have to say? Might they have some kind of offering that would suit your needs? After all, you surely can’t be the first person who has encountered this need.

I actually once had personal experience with this issue when I needed to send funds on-paper from the USA to a particular Scandinavian country. The only ones who could do it(!) was Western Union, but they handled the requirement beautifully. (And, I can be quite honest that I had never even considered them, until my client suggested it!)

@sundialsvc4 thank you for your replay, your right, I should ask a local person about this, but also I want to know what will be the customers action with this, most of my customers are going to be from outside my home country, so if you were the customer, will you except it? is it hard to use western union than PayPal? and again think you ,your opinion means alot

I think western union is a good way to consider as a payment system

Western Union is good also as same as Paypal. I think you can choose this way for payment.

oh this is great, !!! thanks alot, have you ever tryd it? I mean how does it work,?

thank you this is really great news for me