online game directly on browser?

I play several games made with Unity directly on the browser, the games usually are kind of cool, and there is login systems and all that ranking stuff.
I want to know, with burster, this possibility exists for blender? To make a web game that could save and load stuff directly of the browser?

Not sure what burster is but people make games with Blender and Unity for sure.

I dont want to use unity that is the matter, I just want to use blender and burster if it is possible, but aniway thanks loopduplicate!

Yes, you can, and you may also use scores with databases

wow, cool, but how can you make the burster comunicate with the server? I mean how can I add things out of the blender online? do you know something about it agoose?

yes. its simple actually.
make the game in blender(including logic bricks & python scripts)
pack everything
upload the blendfile to a server which provide direct linking(grab the link)
add the html code to host the game on a blog or site.
Vola! you’re done.

Visit the webpage with latest browsers that support webgl and there you have it. your BGE game ONLINE.

oh i have put up a site called dedicated for burster :smiley:

Uhm very intresting Karakasimov. I ll look into it totally, I need this for my future projects and I tought that I would need to use Unity for that. thanks You guys, you helped me a lot.

you can use urllib as well, for scores etc.