Online Game? What kind of server ? sql ?

Hi, i was planning to make a game, online based. I have a few questions to check with you guys.

What kind of database can i use to store information of users & can be retreieve via blender. (eg. his nick, amount of money, no of wins a lose…) ? Can sql work?
Can the database be link to the Website @ the same time? (eg. register your account, check your information) ?
How save is blender from hackers that might hack into the server and crash it ?
Can it support up to maybe 10000 users ?
My game is like gunbound, where you connect to a server to look for rooms, then you start playing with say 3 other guys. What do you feel about this ? Can it work with blender ? What kinda of diffcuity do you think i will face. Hope you give some advise. Thanks.

why did no one reply ? need some advise here.

i don’t know what kined of data base you need , but i can tell you php is not a data base it is a server side language. MySQL is the database that genraly goes with php. And no one replied because it has not even been a day. people don’t just set on forums waiting for others to post questions

Php is a programming language, not a database. Look up SQL, or mySql or such. With PHP you can access said database though from a webpage.

I don’t know what you mean. A database cannot be a link, as it would be to say can a dog be a cat.

Blender doesn’t have to do with the database itself, it would just send and get information. The server would be physically elsewhere. But again, you need to seek databases, such as SQL.

I don’t think this is problem for a database, though I don’t know if you mean 10000 users on Blender engine jumping around saying “Giev flameant itam plx by potal!”

I think you will face many difficulties, with a lot of things. But start going forward, and beyond said obstacles.

these questions you asked, was not related to this forum and this section, as i see you need some knowledge about, databases, web services, web applications, and then think of making an online game.

lmao… i can sql, i can do php, i juz want to know if blender supports tat or i have to make a database using python only?

MySQL databases are accessable from python ( ) but you might reconsider if you really want to make a MMORPG because it happens to be the most difficult genre to make since it needs tons of content and constant maintaining (not to mention huge servers). Before you start working, read some MMORPG development articles to get a better idea of what making a MMORPG really is like.

i’m not doing mmorpg, i’m doing like a poker online game(something like tat), which is not as diffcult than mmorpg.
My idea is to create a server to stores game rooms that are created by users, then when all the other player join the room, the game will be connected privately, so the server side will only be the game searching room.
If i’m wrong please let mi know,