Online Hunting - point and click

A new form of hunting which allows participants to shoot wild boar and antelope by a simple click of the mouse is stirring up great controversy in the United States.

Online hunting has outraged animal rights activists, gun advocates and politicians from 14 states, all trying to get the sport banned.

Participants control a video camera and a gun by remote control, carefully monitoring animals on a remote shooting range via the internet.

A click of the mouse from the comfort of your own armchair can discharge a round of bullets. For extra money, the meat or animal’s head can be shipped to your home.

Founders and members of insist the practice is ethical, and in particular allows the disabled to experience the thrill of the sport.

But the concept raises several ethical issues and critics have branded it “pay-per-view slaughter”.

The first paid-for live shoot is scheduled to take place on Saturday on a Texas ranch, the only online hunting facility in existence. But activists and politicians are racing to get it banned before it can begin.

The website warns participants this is not a video game. “This is real,” it says.

“What you see on your screen thru (sic) the camera is what is there. When you activate the fire control, you are sending a signal to the firing mechanism which discharges a round.”

The website’s founder, John Lockwood, admits the concept would not appeal to everyone.

“The idea of hunting this way doesn’t appeal to me,” he told the Christian Science Monitor (CSM).

“Most of us love getting into the field. But there are many that cannot.”

He said the idea was born from working with disabled hunters but he lists a soldier in Spain among supporters who wants to send meat to his family and a soldier in Iraq who simply misses the sport.

Mr Lockwood claims opponents simply do not understand how the system works and quite how many safety procedures are in place.

“I am in full agreement that there needs to be legislation and regulation controlling it,” he said. “But people are under the impression that this is a slaughtering machine and that’s not what it is.”

Groups joining forces to ban the practice are as diverse as the Humane Society of the United States, trophy hunting organisation Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association.

Michael Markarian from the Humane Society told the CSM: “Nobody ever said the wilderness had to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

“That is no justification for this practice, and it doesn’t give (disabled) people a true hunting experience anyway. It’s pay-per-view slaughter.”

Virginia became the first state to ban internet hunting and Texas has proposed a ban for killing animals native to the state.

A Bill to outlaw online hunting for any species will be heard in the Texas House of Representatives next Tuesday.

Rediculous, IMO.

Sounds pretty scary to me.

what if someone walks in front of the range of the weapon, an some Psycho on the net thinks its a good idea to shoot the person.

IMO the point of hunting is that you need to be fairly inhuman to do it in the first place, and that it is pretty bloody to start with.

moving it away by yet anther point of seperation is crazy.

first it went from knives to arrows to guns (one degree of seperation) now its going to the internet… WTF

wars are already just like comand and conquer, and to me killing anything “impersonally” is really screwed in the head.


I think it’s a nice touch that they allow you to shoot Dell computers like that. I wouldn’t mind hunting Dells for a while. Thanks for the link, I’ll be paying this site a visit.

“The thrill of the sport”

Three letters:

W T F?

It is the thrill of killing something. And I agree with the above posts.

Old news, Texas has been trying to legislate this to become illegal (firing weapons by wire, that is).

/me thinks of another good idea for texas.

Since its legal to hunt people there.

and its possibly gonna be legal to hunt by wire.

how about a CCT camera system set up in all major towns. and this system is run by Bounty hunters, who wait for matches on criminals via their biometric system, then identify them by eye.

if they are them, then they can shoot them and collect the bounty.

i love this system… then the law enforcement can get them, and shoot robbers, and citixzens of all kinds, from their closed room with arm chairs and stuff.

then when the government gets taken over by an evil leader, they can nice and easily control the whole country by wire… :smiley:

Sounds brillient to me.

%| %| %|


I’m from Texas, so don’t you ever take the name of Texas in vain! :wink: As far as hunting by wire goes, I don’t think that it is necessarily morally wrong. I mean, people do kill animals every day so that they can ship the meat of to restaurants, grocery stores, etc. (As you can probably tell, I am not an animal rights activist) I don’t like the idea of pointlessly killing animals, it seems wasteful, in my opinion. As far as bounty hunting goes, I thought that when bounty hunters capture a criminal, that they use what is called a “citizen’s arrest” which, I believe any citizen can do against someone who is breaking the law. BTW, citizen’s arrests are permitted in more states than just Texas.

What do you expect? That you can allow someone to carry a gun, but deny him the possibility to control the gun over the internet? If the online participant of this hunt has a permission for the type of gun and bullets used, and the host have permission to hunt on some secured area, i think it’s absolutely normal and legal and SHOULD be.
On the other hand I really doubt that this activity will be wide-spread… it’s no fun shooting for real, without experiencing it… better to play some CS or something, i mean, it’s like detouring the main purpose of hunting :smiley:


yeonil, then the interesting question is raised.

in which area is the law jurestiction about weapons carried out?

the state or country the weapon is in, or the place that the shooter is in?


this is just really stupid :o all of it . i can see where decrepid people could benefit from it, but whats next? driving to work by wire? swimming by wire?

Living by wire :o

Just wait until it’s all wireless! No more messy cables :smiley:

In New Hampshire you can carry a rifle without a license as long as it’s visible. No one cares.

then again, let’s take a look at New Hampshire… not sure of the source, but i remember hearing that we’re:
1: 8th highest average IQ in the US…
2: 3rd healthiest state…
3: 2nd happiest state…
4:… and now leading the nation in the highest percentage of drug and alcohol abuse!

I prefer whack-a-mole so I’m waiting until the online bash the seal cubs comes out from Canada.

The harm I see in the online shooting is it would be very hard to charge someone if something goes wrong. What if a gun is set up online and someone in a place where they can’t be arrested shoots someone else? How do they administer justice?

It may also encourage kids to kill since they can’t hold a shotgun but they can point and click.

I think it’s a bad idea and I think that rather than encouraging killing, they should put their skills towards improving the technology used for interactive pornography.

Here here! :slight_smile:

Oxrules for president!

Killing animals by the internet is stupid, imo. It’s like playing Deer Hunter but actually killing something.