Online in bge or upbge

I have found this addon for blender game engine
to make online video games
but the developer stopped working on it 3 years ago
so I don’t understand python
I just want to say if there anyone can complete the development
Easy (

Networking Add On V2.5 - Development maybe this theme will help you with an addon for multiplayer games and BGE work through the network

I could be wrong, but I think agoose` wonderful add-on is incompatible with any current UPBGE versions.
However, the Easy Online add-on is still compatible with UPBGE 0.2x versions - I know because I use it myself.

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perhaps you are right - I have not checked addons for multiplayer or network, as far as I know for UPBGE there are no actual new addons for what the author of the post wants :slightly_smiling_face:

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