Online market is saturated with machine learning art

About 5 years ago it didn’t look like this. The only type of artwork I can find listed in saatchi, etsy, redbubble is the type of work that machine learning software does. If you find something that only a human can render, it’s 1 in 100.

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Have been created some new CAD to game engines exporters, so is quite easy that we been watching exported old cad models, not true 3D art ones, is cause it that looks quite primitive.

The thing is, what machines generate, IMO should be free w/o IP attached - public property. The great problem of future started… and the great nonsense of privileged by heritage continues.


Trouble is, “machines don’t generate anything by themselves.” Someone has to run – and, pay for – the machines. And they might well expect to profit from the work, even if their machine can’t.

Not really. Basically, if we go back to start from scratch we all come from the bang out of nothing…
so, is inventor of spoon feeding you? And is creator of a brush author of a paintwork?

It’s not an easy subject, but let greed profit while it can. Let illusion be reality and more weak, sick will come… bless all.

Isn’t it one of the buzz-words at the moment? Meaning it’s valued a bit over the top? And later one we know what the place of it can be and what not.

Funny, people could say the same thing about ‘computer rendered’ art. or ‘photographic’ art.

With this type of AI software, no body needs to hire an artist anymore. Nobody needs to pay royalties, all you need is to download the app, and have a printing company.

i wish software for creating art like this had more paramenters than it does.

Something about “a million monkeys re-creating the works of William Shakespeare” comes to mind … :smiley:

Look, I’m not even going to plug my AI-computer in unless “I, Human” make a profit from having done so. Happy to use a computer algorithm as “a power-tool in my hands,” but it is “in my hands,” and the work product is for sale.

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