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I know this is WAY off topic, but i need know where I can buy audio CDs by SLOT a russian rock band, if anybody is familiar with them. I’ve tried to find their albums(3 in total) but with very little luck. Does anbody know where I can find them or any good import websites? It would help ALOT.:smiley:

Are you sure they’re Russian? There’s a Slot from Detroit on Emusic, also with 3 albums (on Emusic anyway).

If they’re the ones you’re looking for, or if you just want to try eMusic, let me know. If you join on my recommendation, we both get 50 free downloads.

Naturally, that also applies to anyone who reads this, as I love my free music :wink:

LOL, nice for you as it is, I’m sure they’re Russian. You can check out they’re website here Ya’ know, if anybody can read Russian that would be great, tell me if there’s a way to buy from their website. :cool:

Looks like the website is just upcoming concert dates and posters. However, in the lower right hand corner, the three small images with something that looks like BNDEO (Video in Russian) over them are links to download music videos. Their lead singer sure puts a lot of energy into her music.

Both slot bands have female lead singers too? Maybe it is why they are both called “slot.”

Sorry I could not be more helpful destray.