online shooter (counterstrike)

can online shooters, like counterstrike, be done using the blender game engine?

Blender would very well be capable to make counter-strike. Maybe even counter-strike source graphics as well. The good thing about counter-strike is that there isn’t many models and textures, but the networking is what counter-strike is all about. It requires very good knowledge to make optimised network code to be able to run the standard 8-16 players over the internet.

yeah, but it isnt simple. You need a very good knowledge of network programming. You could use the socket module to send the data( for example the players location and rotation), but that isnt the hardest part.

But is blender able to handle that, without connection problems/latency, and I guess I’ll have to program the server in C++.

Short answer is Yes, blender could easily run a network shooter game like counter-strike with out lag. Python has a very easy to use network socket system and threading system to run a client or server.

Ok, thanks for your quick replies.