Online Tut: Shoe modeling + rendering with Maya and Mental Ray Architecture Shaders

Hi all, I decided to do a quick screencast about a workshop I just gave this weekend at Bowling Green State University, demonstrating shoe modeling, uv unwrapping in Maya vs Blender, texturing and rendering with Mental Ray and the new Architecture shaders.

This is mainly a Maya tutorial lecture series, but for those Blender users that would like to take a look at it please feel free. You will see that a lot in Blender works very similar to the way Maya works from modeling to material nodes.


Hey thanks for this cekuhnen. I’ve been dabbling with the student version of Maya here and there, and even though I’ve found Blender to be alot easier to wrap my head around, I still would like to have a better understanding of Maya and Mudbox as well. Thanks again.

You are welcome. They are actually very very similar in the way how they treat 3D data and materials. Maya can do a lot more but well needs a lot more work to set things up. A lot of what u know from Blender will translate right into Maya. The biggest difference itself is Maya’s face philosophy while Blender allows you to delete and extrude etc everything fron vertex edge to face.

Glad this is helpful.

I uploaded another movie showing how you can create Cycles like material networks with Mental Ray. the original got lost.


Very kind of you cekuhnen.
I travelled back in time, back in 07.
We still have blender users who don’t like cycles nodes UI. Who still find cycles interactive viewport slow. LOL

Uhm well you cannot make everybody happy. Mental Ray has terrific tools some I would love Cycles to have. Their shader and utility collection is pretty good. However I noticed that the IPR is good for lighting or color adjustments of your rendering. But in contrast to Blender you need to work with high AA to get textures render well without Moare artifacts and I find thus the workflow for that in Cycles to be actually faster and more productive.

Great to see how Bender matured.