Online tutoring- draw, animate very simple structure, two 1hr sessions total $50

I hope this is an appropriate request - I would like to get some help with a simple project in online, screen sharing mode, where I describe what I’m trying to accomplish, you describe how to do it, and I execute those steps… By doing it this way, I hope to not only complete the project but also accelerate my learning of Blender, which software is extremely powerful but very quirky.

PM me if you’re interested.

The project is to draw a structure and explore its kinematics by associating an armature and constraints to its parts. The structure itself is very simple, being just 21 line segments, connected in a triangular layout. I would also like some help animating the structure by scripting/recording a few armature moves to predefined coordinates.

Not sure if I am just not doing it right, or if Blender wasn’t designed for what I’m trying to accomplish or if I’m actually running into bugs, but I keep getting unexpected behavior and roadblocks for what seem like should be simple things to do. The trickiest parts so far seem to be just placing the segments accurately in space using mm units and lining them up to intersect other segments in the right locations. I’m sure the right person can straighten me out very quickly.

I’m looking for someone experienced in the area of precision drawing (in millimeter units), rigging and animation, please don’t be a noob like me and waste our time. You must be fluent in english, and have some open slots to schedule a time in the near future. Please show me a link in this forum to a post of something that you’ve modeled/animated along these lines.

Let’s have a session to get started, I’ll do some work on my own, and a second session to finish. I’ll pay you immediately after the session via Paypal. I put the price right in the post so don’t respond if it’s somehow insulting or whatever. If you know what you’re doing we can probably finish and quit before the hour is up and I’ll happily pay the full amount for the hour. I’m on a mission to complete the task as quickly as possible, not soak you for all of your considerable knowledge :slight_smile:

Drop me a line,


just go to youtube and look for tutorials…

wat ur doing is very simple character rigging and some basic animation…

If you can’t find someone for that rate, you could try Jonathan through his Mavenseed site. Price is higher at 80/hr but you might get to the point where it’s worth it. Good luck.

ok…i can make it for u…