Online - Updatesystem V1.1

I’d created a update system for my current gameproject and want to share it with you.

How does it work?
A sensor connected to the python controller compares the online-version-number with the local-version-number. And let a button appear (with the Message “Update.Available”).

You can define:

  • “file”, which contains the local version-number.
  • “url_Download” *, to change the download-site (which appears, after clicking the button)
  • “url_check” *, to change the webfile, which contains the new downloadable version (.txt and .html were tested and work)

*Please change the urls.

Download Updatesystem Version 1.1

Example to integrate:

I hope it could be useful. :slight_smile:


good idea. Does it load blend files too?

Yes it’s possible, if there is one url for every new download-version or the current file-version includes the url for the upcoming version.
(Simply change “url_Download” to a download-link.)

I checked it and it works. But it doesn’t load the file in the background.
It still opens the default web-browser and starts the download, while running the game still in background.