Every time i log in i always look at the thing at the bottom of the forum page that says the most ever active users, and i was just wondering if we could brake that record since it hasnt been broken since 07. So heres what i was thinking… how about every one trys to be logged in on this monday 7/20/09 at around 3:00pm

With users all over the world, you probably want to specify which time zone. Or give the desired time relative to GMT. :slight_smile:

well i meant central time but uhh…lol i dont know exactly what time that would be in GMT

Well, I think it’ll have to do with the users in the half of the planet that is not sleeping :wink: .

& As much as I’d like to take part in this, I think I won’t be able to be online this monday (I’ll be taking a little vacation :smiley: ). & some people might have some other problems, but I guess It’ll be enough. Just make sure enough people see this thread (Dont let it die).

(& I guess people should also be online for a while, to give a chance to those who might be late :yes: ).

This is coming up fairly regularly now. You are attempting to arrange a denial-of-service attack and possibly crash the server. I don’t think this is a good idea…

really? well im not trying to launch an attack on the forum, but if 700 something people have been on here all at once before… then the only difference between now and then is that it will be organised…right?

well i guess i will post a longer time line… 3:00pm to 4, that leaves an hour for everybody to get on

Well I’d rather have a forum that I can actually use rather than one that grinds to halt with too many users online at once. Even now I get times when the forum doesn’t load so I don’t want it any worse due to a pointless exercise.


well…idk maybe i should post a poll then on wether or not we should do this

I highly doubt that even if this plan was executed that anything would come of it.


See U then-YA

so then is that a yes that we should do this? maybe one of us should ask a mod

I’ll be at work

You guys must either be really bored or have absolutely no life. This forum is nothing more than a bulletin board for 3d artists to post their works and request help, but they’re too busy trying to log on in unison for no apparent reason. And the server goes down enough as it is.

well thats why i asked if we should ask a mod…

I honestly don’t understand why you’re all bitching. Why is there a record number at the bottom of the forum if you aren’t supposed to break it? Let loose, it’s the off topic section of the forum and chances are it won’t work anyway. You don’t have to ask permission from a mod if you can log on or not. I personally won’t be able to be a part of it because of work, but I’ll be here in thought.

As a side note, you may want to change the thread title to something slightly more interesting like oh, i don’t know, say, “Breaking shit on the forum”. Ya know something a little more captivating :wink:

As another side note, 3pm US central time is 8pm GMT

Blender artists won’t really like it when people abuse it by logging on just for the sake of logging on.

Yeah, lets DDOS Blender Artists!

Sigh, where in history did the human mind develop such intelligence…

This is not a denial-of-service attack.

DOS requires a single computer to send a little more than one packet request. DOS attacks is when someone decides to send thousands of requests a second, even better if that requests requires a response, thatway the computer being attacked has a backlog of request it needs to process.

We’re talking about a few people coming on at the same time more than 731 to beat the record, and this is on a per-day basis i think, rather than say, a 1 minute session. A dos attack requires like 300,0000+ pings a second or so untill the server crashes.

The impact on the forum user is the same. With too many people trying to use the forum at the same time it will become unuseable to those who want to use it for its real purpose.