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I thought it would easier and more productive just making one large thread rather than spam the board everyday with a different tutorial


here is Sunday 02/02/2020

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Blender Cloth Brush … if god made a tool … this would probably be it.


Happy Tuesday, here’s a nice and easy tutorial…

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Pretty easy tutorial for today 05/02/2020

here’s and oldie but a goodie , happy Thursday
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Happy Monday, here is today’s addon overview: Highly recommend.

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Happy Tuesday
here is your unofficial news for 11th Feb 2020
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nice and easy

video for today

Todays 14/02/2020

Nice little application that lets you keep track and download the latest [#b3d] dailybuild Blender Version Manager 2.8

CubeSter Overview

lazy Sunday

Good morning, happy Monday " I hope " here’s one to get your week started
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Continuing on with terrain tools for Blender

weld modifier

I enjoyed making this tut some nice info here :

nice and quick tutorial for today

MagicaVoxel is a great little app and having the ability to import the format is an added bonus

Little bonus video for today

the bevel node shader