Only 16 materials per mesh

any way around this?

No. If your model needs to be more colorful that that, use UV mapping and image textures.

bummer. Its not a matter of color, its a matter of complexity and ease of editing the mesh.

Just use a group of objects and you can have as many materials as you have memory.

Yah, except when editing a mesh, it only edits the object you are working with. Say I was making a yacht ;), with a series of discreet rooms. Now lets say, the client, wanted to stretch the width of the yacht by 2 feet. None of the rooms are rectangular, but follow the contours of the yacht. Not only that, but pipes and wiring also will have to move with the walls of the expanding yacht. Having a series of separate objects means each oneswalls etc has to separately be modified, to fit the modification of the hull

Are you just making this up, or is the client asking for this? Just lock down the mesh then texture it. Get a sign off before you begin texturing. You can’t get more than 16 materials per mesh, that is just the way the system works.

No I am not making it up. A sign off would be nice. But the client likes to see finished products… he isn’t keen on WIP’s. Plus, it isn’t quite a single yacht, it is a series, and some will be different than others, but overall the same. So hull and room customization will happen.

Just the way the system works. I kind of knew that long ago, and I remember people complaining about it long ago, I was just hoping over 2 years it had changed.

the make use of object groups as a workaround

parent everything to the hull, then when you select the hull everything will scale together. :smiley: Easier for customization this way too.

for each material that you put in you can have up to 10 textures
and you have the colroband for each material and also for each textures

that;s give a lot of flexibility
and with parenting there is notlimit on how may can be attached together


Simply select all the objects you want to scale, and scale them in object mode. (This is where groups come in handy – easier to select)

Three separate objects

Scaled in x

Scaled in y

Of course, if you only scale in one dimension, you risk turning some of your pipe cross sections from circular to oval, but that would happen even if everything were one mesh. You can scale in two dimensions by using s, Shift+[axis to leave alone].

Thanks, but I can’t do deformations on object.

I’m kind of doing what RickyBlender recommended.

Ok, now i have more than 16 per mesh!!!

I had broken my yacht apart into separate objects. Then, later, to be sure everything edited together, I had to put some of the objects back together. Now one of my objects has 17 materials.

Maybe you just have 17 materials and only 16 are being used, by said object.

Twighlight zone…

nope, all 17 are being used.

hmm… now I cant remove the materials in the 17th slot.